Huawei Share OneHop

Tap to Transfer

What You Need Easily

How to quickly transfer pictures and videos
between mobile phone and computer?
Is a USB cable or a third-party app a necessity?
Huawei Share OneHop makes it simpler than before.

What can Huawei Share OneHop do for you?

With just a simple tap, you can display and even control your phone on your laptop.

Transfer files or share clipboards, documents, etc., instantly and easily between the two.

From your Phone to your computer

Sharing pictures and videos: Huawei Share OneHop allows you to promptly transfer photos and videos in your Gallery to your computer. A maximum of 500 pictures or videos can be shared at a time.

Identifying text in images: After transferring images from your mobile phone to computer, Huawei Share OneHop also helps you identify and copy text in these images on your computer, and generate a text file.

From your computer to your Phone

Huawei Share OneHop allows you to quickly share images or a screenshot of the current screen (like a game screen, lock screen, or video screen) from your computer to your mobile phone wirelessly.

How to use
Huawei Share OneHop?

You can follow the steps below.

Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your computer and ensure that PC Manager is running in the background.

Swipe down on your phone's home screen to display the status bar, then enable NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Tap the NFC area on the back of your mobile phone against the Huawei Share icon until your phone makes a sound or vibrates.

Click Connect in the pop-up dialog box on your phone, and follow the onscreen instructions to connect your phone to the computer.

Once your phone is connected to your computer, you can use Huawei Share OneHop to transfer images, videos, and documents.

Please be aware that only images of PNG, JPG, and BMP formats support transfer via Huawei Share OneHop.

Moreover, if it is the first time of you to use PC Manager, you will need to agree the PC Manager's User Agreement to use it.

And your phone and computer do not have to be connected to the same network, but you will need to enable Wi-Fi function on both devices.

Which models are compatible? 

Huawei Share OneHop is supported on Huawei laptops that have PC Manager 9.0 or later installed. If supported, there will be a Huawei Share label next to the keyboard. Only NFC-capable devices can support this function.

If you need to transfer files between two devices next time, give Huawei Share OneHop a try!