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The new P30 series rewrites the rules of photography with its revolutionary camera system.

Meet the world's first SuperSpectrum Sensor, which allows you to capture every detail even in extreme low-light conditions.

SuperSpectrum Sensor

The new SuperSpectrum Sensor replaces the traditional RGB (Red-Green-Blue) sensor, which has been the industry standard for the past couple of decades.

More precisely, Huawei switched the green light sensitive cells with yellow ones, which can absorb both blue and red waves of light.

This means that the Huawei RYYB sensor can now process double the amount of light information, when compared to the traditional sensor configuration.

A delight of light

Since yellow light has longer wavelengths than green, the SuperSpectrum Sensor lets in 40% more light than the conventional sensors, capturing more details, colour and vibrancy even during the night.

Huawei has also recalibrated its processing algorithms to recreate accurate colour values from yellow, which entails a better light sensitivity.

Highest ISO

levels on the market


ISO refers to the light sensitivity of a camera sensor.

The higher the ISO rating, the more sensitive is the sensor and less light it needs to take a brighter picture.



ISO of 204.800 more than other smartphones or even some DSLR cameras.

P30 Pro


that goes up to an amazing ISO of 409.600 the
Highest on the market.

Groundbreaking Sensor

Huawei delivers an extraordinary photography and videography experience across a wide range of scenarios and lighting conditions.

Enjoy the novelties brought by the SuperSpectrum Sensor, and make good use of the larger sensor pixels.

You can take stunning images and videos even in extreme dark situations, so be creative and capture unique moments like never before.